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Monday, 11 February 2008

Lazy Bugger.

After a weekend spent solely watching Veronica Mars series 3 and the most tepid and lethargic perfomance by a Manchester United side EVER in a derby, I somehow managed to find the time to squeeze these two drawings out, first one is a warm up, second is a hopefully better version of the dreadful cowboy image i uploaded last week. I'm currently 'inking' (or ruining, depending on your point of view) the second image and will upload that tomorrow. Will the forty quid I spent on pens (Rotring Art Pens E and EF! And some terrible Staedtler pens I will never use again...)in Fred Aldous be worth it? I'd imagine not...

Fascinating fact of the day: This will only ever be updated in the week due to not having the internet at home. Woah.


Wiro said...

Nice, I like the full body zombie. Get it inked, and stop calling all your work "rubbish" you whiner ;)

Richard said...

As long as you've known me I've been 'whining' about my own stuff! I can't stop whining. I am a whiner. There.