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Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Finished off the inking after watching the final Veronica Mars *sob*. As usual I'm not particularly happy with the result, but i'm yet to find something i'm really comfortable with to use for inking. Consequently this was inked with a dip pen (Hunt 102 and 104), brush, fibre tip, Rotring technical and art pens. I'm beginning to get more comfortable with the dip pen and brush, but i need lots more practice, so basically I'm still finding my feet. Next up, colour! Ooh!


Cadwell said...

1. You're way too hard on yourself.
2. The Cowzombie looks great. Your pencils are so tight you could have used them as inked lines by tweaking the levels in photoshop, but you've done a great job inking it. Really controlled and nice variation of line weights too.
3.The head shot you posted reminds me a little of Tony Moore and Cameron Stewart. This is a very good thing.
4. You're way too hard on yourself.

Richard said...

Hey Adam, thanks for the comments. I usually do the levels thing, but recently I've found it lacking, I maybe need a new scanner as my lines are not crisp as I'd like. I've become obsessed with inking though, it's the only bit really missing from my game, I'm getting there but I need more practice! I'm always like this in regards to my artwork, it's highly likely this blog will be my equivalent of self harming...